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By Dr. Stephen Harrison And Richard Huizinga

About the Book

The artist Michelangelo immortalized the image of David, using everyday tools to depict this man after God’s own heart. Yet while Michelangelo’s David offers us a full view of David the man, the scriptures offer us a full image of his heart and soul. So can David match the image depicted by Michelangelo? Can David match our own image of him? And can David match the heart of God?

In David and Michelangelo: Heart and Stone, authors Dr. Stephen Harrison and Richard Huizinga seek to identify the traits that justify the “heart of God” as an early descriptor of David. By exploring the life and trials of David-his successes as well as his failures-we can get a complete picture of this man after God’s own heart, learning in the process how we too can always seek God despite our imperfections.

The heart after God’s own is that portion of ourselves that remains attracted to God despite our flaws. By exploring the enduring image and character of David, we can begin to chip away at the image we had in order to find that heart of David that is man after God’s own heart.

About the Authors

Dr. Stephen Harrison (Top) is a preacher’s kid with nearly forty years of medical experience, and Richard Huizinga (Bottom) is a retired health-care executive who enjoys explaining the motivation of our complex social situations. The authors enjoy reflecting and meditating on biblical stories, discussing them in small-town restaurants and then writing about them in a way that will draw believers back to the original stories to uncover the new meaning.
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